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A range of accessories is available to enhance your garden structure.

Our 'Hospitality Pack' provides a range of extras (enough for 6 people) including knife & forks, mugs, cups and plates PLUS a clock, tea pot, grill mitts and cooking utensils.

We also offer two different Catering Packs. Catering Pack 1 includes a kettle arm, a manually operated fish/meat rotator, a pair of grill mitts, a tea pot & wooden trivet, a cooking rail and a set of cooking utensils. Catering Pack 2 includes a tri-legged cast iron skillet, a detachable grilling arm, two detachable saucepan stands, a kebab stand with skewers and a cast iron kettle.

A set of our genuine Reindeer Hides will add that extra touch of authenticity to your Arctic structure.

If you want to make sure your barbecue is safe when you leave it why not purchase one of our Fire Safety Guards which helps ensure that no embers from the barbecue spill over onto the floor whilst it is unattended.

If you already own a Garden Exteriors garden structure you can order spares or accessories using the form below.

When we receive your form we'll contact you as soon as we can with a projected delivery date and an overall cost including delivery charges.

Garden Exteriors - Hospitality Pack

The image above shows the typical contents of the Hospitality Pack

Garden Exteriors - Reindeer Hide

Grade 'A' Fully Treated Reindeer Hide

Garden Exteriors - Night Safety Guard

Detachable Fire Safety Guard

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