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Garden Lodges are the 21st century version of the Kota as used by the Sami peoples of Northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and parts of Russia who have lived in them for over 2000 years.

The Sami are a nomadic nation so their Kotas were, and generally still are, portable structures offering them reliable shelter wherever they are as well as a place to eat and entertain, in, what can sometimes be, some of the severest weather conditions on the planet.

Garden Exteriors have been exclusively selling these structures for over 14 years and are proud to be the sole UK importers and suppliers of this superior range of Garden Lodges; each one is still manufactured within the Arctic Circle, so is truly an authentic Arctic structure.

All Garden Exteriors' structures are manufactured from sustainably sourced FSC timber and with their 45mm thick solid timber walls and double glazed windows and doors, each building will withstand virtually anything that nature can throw at it.

A Garden Lodge or Room will keep you insulated and warm in the winter as well as cooler in the summer so you too can use it and entertain in it all year round.

Garden Lodges

Garden Exteriors Medium Garden LodgeGarden Exteriors offers three sizes of Garden Lodge: The SMALL, our ever popular MEDIUM and the LARGE.

In addition we provide an EXTENSION which can be fitted to any Medium size Garden Lodge and will provide extra space for storage or entertaining.

Extensions can also be retro fitted to any Medium size Garden Lodge that has been supplied by Garden Exteriors. Up to two extensions can be fitted to each Medium Garden Lodge.

Garden Rooms

Garden Exteriors Medium Garden RoomWe have also recently introduced our own version of the traditional English summerhouse - the Garden Room.

Available in either SMALL or MEDIUM, they are manufactured at the same factory as our Garden Lodges so enjoy the same high specifications you have come to expect from Garden Exteriors Ltd.

All our Garden Room windows come with double glazed and tinted glass which is specifically designed to reflect the glare from heat or sun and snow in the winter.


See more about the MEDIUM Sauna.

Please note that specifications and standard equipment listed on this web site are for guidance purposes only and may change according to circumstances.

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