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Sauna Inside Sauna Inside

This Garden Sauna is 3.7m high and is manufactured out of 45mm x 145mm double tongue and groove, half round profile, arctic pine. The wood is of the highest quality and sourced from sustainable forests, within the Arctic Circle, in northern Finland.

The structure is manufactured using authentic techniques and are made to withstand the severe climatic conditions of the Arctic Circle. Double glazing comes as standard on all models which means that mid-winter use in the UK is not only possible but indeed a pleasure.

All the timbers used in construction of the lodges are F.S.C. approved and are also approved by the Royal Horticultural Society. This is of great importance to us all for the future of our planet and should be a major consideration when choosing a wooden garden structure.

Standard Equipment

  • Double Glazed Windows

  • Spruce Benches on Two Levels

  • Railings and Light Covers

  • Electric or wood burning Sauna Heater equipped with a 30 Litre Hot water Tank

  • Volcanic Stones

  • Insulated Smoke Pipes

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Please note that the manufacturer is currently revising the specifications for the garden sauna. Please ask for the latest specifications before placing your order.

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