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Small Room Inside Small Room Inside

Unlike many summerhouses that are currently on the market a Garden Exteriors Garden Room is unusual in that it is of a traditionally English appearance but has been manufactured inside the Artic Circle out of material made to withstand Arctic weather conditions. In real terms this means that the the Summer House is cooler on the inside than a normal summer house might be and considerably warmer during the winter months.

Just like our other garden structures the Small Size Garden Room is manufactured out of 45mm x 145mm double tongue and groove, half round profile, Scandinavian Redwood. The wood is of the highest quality and sourced from sustainable forests, within the Arctic Circle, in northern Finland.

All the timbers used in construction are F.S.C. approved in accordance with the Royal Horticultural Society's rules and regulations. This is of great importance to us all for the future of our planet and should be a major consideration when choosing a wooden garden structure.

The Garden Room features extra large windows that are fitted to each of the five walls with a double opening, double glazed door to the front. All the double glazed window glass is tinted to help relect heat and sun glare as well as glare from snow in the winter.

Standard Equipment

  • 45mm Single Thickness Scandinavian Redwood Walls giving exceptional insulation qualities

  • Fully Fitted & Ventilated Floor with the added benefit of a tanalised sub-floor base

  • Industrial Grade Felt Roof Shingles (available in black,forest green or terracotta colours) heat adhered to 18mm x 145mm Scandinavian Redwood Timbers

  • 3 x Fully Opening Double Glazed Tinted Windows plus 2 x Non-Opening Double Glazed Tinted Windows

  • Double Glazed, Tinted, Double Skinned Doors with Security Lock and Key (total opening size 1065mm x 1550mm)

  • Galvanised and Powder Coated Central Removable Cooking/Heating Unit suitable for a range of different fuels.

  • Galvanised and Powder Coated Daytime Fire Safety Guard

  • Galvanised and Powder Coated Chimney and Detachable Smoke Hood incorporating Candle Holders

  • Galvanised and Powder Coated Cowling to facilitate foul weather use during rain, snow etc.

  • Set of Six Detachable Pine Lap Trays

  • Detachable Day Safety Guard

  • 400mm wide Scandinavian Redwood Benches fitted to five sides providing Seating for approximately 10+ People

  • Two fold out seat extensions giving a total 630mm deep seating area

Optional Extras

Unit Plan
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